Fundraiser in a Box

We really need your help to get this program out to all the clubs that you can in your area.

When one of these Fundraisers in a Box is purchased, the students and women in the villages immediately take in a lot of money making the beads. They are then sent to Betania where the bracelets are assembled and put into clear packets with a card about the program, signed by one of the students.

The Betania trade school then receives at least $200 for each box of 100 bracelets. When you purchase the box for $375 with 100 bracelets you can sell them for at least $7 each which gives you $325 or more in profit for your fundraiser. The students make money, Betania gets at least $200, and you have a ready made fundraiser. Everybody wins.

Many clubs are buying a box to give to their Interact Clubs to get them started. In the last month we have sold 100 of these Fundraisers in a Box and some of the Interact Clubs have already made several re-orders.

Please consider ordering one of these boxes and helping us promote them (order forms below). With programs like this we can make The School of the Dump and Betania Trade School self sufficient in the next 2-3 years but we need everyone’s help to get the word out.

Order Forms