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Trade School: Betania

A trade school named “Betania” has also been added to the educational system, currently educating about 400 students. The Queen of Spain donated the first three large buildings, with Rotarians donating all necessary equipment to operate the school.

Students learn woodworking, sewing, metal work, food processing and crystallization, digital photography, computer repair, jewelry and much more.

The Betania boys choir were invited to perform at the Pavarotti International Music Festival, afterwards embarking on a tour of Europe with Lucciano Pavarotti. With his help, the boys raised money to build a music conservatory, performance theatre and museum at Betania.

Children who apply and are selected begin in the 4th grade to study music as well as their regular curriculum.  They study voice, instrumental skills, music composition and all aspects of music.  By the time they graduate from high school they have 8 years of music as well as all other academic requirements.

Our ultimate and immediate goal is to help Betania achieve sustainability by providing them with expertise in product development and export markets so that they can become revenue independent.

By providing Betania the marketing guidance and actual export opportunities, it is capable of producing all the revenue needed to provide the humanitarian aid that through the years they have given to the poor. At the same time, the graduating students are guaranteed job opportunities in each of the fields of expertise.